BBQ Boat Hire Sydney

BBQ boats are getting increasingly popular. There are numerous benefits, but the most important is that they are an excellent method of preparing meals. Barbecue boats are ideal for entertaining outdoors. Their adaptability and simplicity of assembly make them ideal for large gatherings. You can cook food on the water with Sydney Harbour in the background.

Popular Boats with BBQ on Sydney Harbour

By hiring a BBQ boat, you can enjoy the great outdoors while cooking over an open flame. When it comes to tailgating or other outdoor occasions, these boats are ideal since they include built-in grills that cook your food over open flames. If you’re looking for a boat for small group, or something large and comfortable, there’s undoubtedly a BBQ boat model out there for you to choose from. Below are some of the bbq boat for hire in Sydney Harbour.

Wanderlust Boat from Top Small

1. Wanderlust

If you are looking for a large, luxurious boat with a well-protected cockpit and built-in bbq, Wanderlust is a great choice.

Tiger-2 Boat Anchored Small

2. Tiger 2

Tiger 2 can accommodate up to 30 guests. BBQ, toilet, kitchen, fantastic sound system, and 2 huge eskies on board are just a few of the amenities (BYO Ice).

Alila Boat Hire

3. Alila

A beautiful private catamaran with bbq that can take you out onto the water to enjoy Sydney Harbour for your private events

More Boats with BBQ

Benefits of Hiring BBQ Boat in Sydney

Cooking a barbeque on a boat sounds like a fantastic ideas, and sure it would be a fun experience to cook and consume the meal while on the sea. Cooking on a boat may not be as difficult as you think, and there are numerous options.

There are several benefits to hiring a boat with a barbeque in Sydney Harbour, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular. The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to worry about catering or hiring a chef in order to enjoy the food on board. Simply bring your own meat, and most boats have skippers who will assist you in setting up the barbeque and cooking for you and your friends. There are other numerous benefits to hiring a boat with a barbeque, which is ideal for large groups! It’s a low-cost option that gives you entire control over your time and convenience. You won’t have to worry about the catering, the food will be fresh and ready to serve, and you’ll even have your own chef as the skipper will help you bbq meat. Plus, you don’t have to clean up after yourself, which is always a plus!

If you enjoy spending time on the water with your friends and family in Sydney Harbour? True, not everyone can afford to purchase a boat, but there are many affordable solutions available. A boat with bbq can be chartered for as low as $350 per hour. This package includes all of the comforts of a boat rental, as well as a barbeque on board. What a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones with sizzling fresh seafood?

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